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The fastest growing meme Minecraft server out there!  Connect with your friends and bonk in game! 

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Incredible Community
Powered by DOBO!

From the team that brang you DogeBonk, the only memecoin with real memes we now present you BONKCRAFT, dogebonk’s official minecraft server, inspired by the greatest crypto meme community in existence and made for our dear Bonkers that want to combine the gaming world with the crypto world.


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Bonkcraft Community

Why BonkCraft?

Read here about all the cool features and sections that community includes!


Powered by DOBO

Development and maintenance of server powered mainly by BNB/DOBO cryptocurrency.

Events System

Lots of fun and frequently planned events by moderators and volunteers. For example, we have coliseums, mazes, parkour and much more!

Friendly Community

An incredible community with lots of good bonk memes. No horni jail is real here. Bonk craft aims to unify all the bonkers from various communities that use the bonk meme and have a place for them in-game


Land ownership

Claim and protect your buildings and creations.


Leaderboard System

Monthly Leaderboards and scoring systems!


High Performance

High performance server and dedicated servers with custom tweaks to get the best server performance!

dogebonk logo


 Our version of minecraft comes with minimal plugins, offering a mostly vanilla survival experience to the ones that wish to join us, we are constantly working on how to offer the best possible experience to our players and will keep on updating and adding mods/plugins in order to offer YOU only the best experience, although, we are taking a slow approach as we aim for quality over quantity.


We are welcoming constructive criticism and are open for new ideas from the minecraft community.


In addition to all that, we have a rich roadmap that includes custom texture packs (dobo inspired) future events where the winners get an amount of dobo and special roles, as we already have had in the past.


Be an early supporter and get the chance to win amounts of dobo, in game loot, prestige and more through roadmap activations.


For those who want to help grow our project, what we need are youtubers, influencers, builders but most importantly, people who enjoy Minecraft and are looking for a new home to play on.

Creative Content Written By a Community Builder

1. A bonkcraft can not harm a human being

2. A bonkcraft must follow orders unless it conflicts with 1.

3. A bonkcraft must protect itself unless it conflicts with 1. or 2.

4. If a bonkcraft is in equilibrium with another bonkcraft, and a third bonkcraft is in equilibrium with the 2nd bonkcraft, the first and third bonkcrafts are in equilibrium with each other. 

5. bonkcrafts can turn into other bonkcrafts, but you can’t create or destroy one

6. every time you do anything to a bonkcraft a little bit turns into heat

7. Bonkcrafts have a ground state at absolute zero (many colds)

also 8. daemons can ignore laws 4-7

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